About Us

We Buy In Bulk And Sell Cheap

Big Curt Tackle is the mastermind  idea of my 6 year old son. We started this small business so he would learn at a very young age that he can own a business and not be a corporate slave like his daddy. He is personally involved in the day to day operation of the business. WE BUY IN BULK AND SELL CHEAP. We buy the product we use, so each product is tested in the field. We highly appreciate your business!

This Is Not About Profit

Customer service and product value is more important than the bottom line. My #1 Priority is that my son learn how to grow a business at a young age. This is not about profit. This is about raising a young man to be honest, respectable and a good steward of the land and its natural resources. We are diligent about not selling cheap junk, but proven products that work. We won’t sell a product just because we can, we will only sell a product we know that will work for you. The vast majority of the products we sell are products we have in our own tackle box and use all the time.